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Moderator is a rank on Mineplex. It is the second lowest staff rank, only higher than Trainee (Builders and other miscellaneous ranks not counted). Most moderators are part of a team, each run by multiple Sr. Mods.

Details Edit

Being a Moderator grants the player more tools to maintain order on Mineplex than a Trainee has; they have the ability to punish rule-breakers for severity 2, 3, and permanent offenses, while having to record evidence for all non-movement hacks besides NoSlowDown.

Moderators get things such as the Anti-Velocity Preference, teleportation, higher tier punishments, the option to apply for more sub-teams and a lot more. The anti-velocity preference prevents the moderator from receiving any knockback from things other than TNT (which gives very little knockback).

In order for a moderator to become a Senior Moderator, they often must be promoted from a respected sub-team. For example, to become a member of Trainee Management, you must first be a Trainee Mentoring Assistant. This is not always the case, however.

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If any names start with any characters which are not in the English alphabet, they are at the end of Mineplex's official staff list


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