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Music Discs
Music discs.
Also known as Music disc, music disk
Code None
Function Unknown
Used in Main Lobby and Waiting Lobby

Music, also known as Music Discs/Music Disks, is a section in the Cosmetics Menu.


When anything from this section is activated, an unbreakable jukebox appears at the location the player is standing at, resulting in the player glitching to an adjacent block. Music will start to play based on the disk selected.

You or another player cannot play two disks at the same time. If a disk is already playing, your chat will say, "There is another song playing."

Music Disks can be found in Treasure Chests, as Game Loot and at Carl's Spinner.

All music from that section is from Vanilla Minecraft, and is not unique to Mineplex.

List of Available Music Disks Edit

Note: There is no description for any Music Disk.

  • 13 Disc
  • Cat Disc
  • Blocks Disc
  • Chirp Disc
  • Far Disc
  • Mall Disc
  • Mellohi Disc
  • Stal Disc
  • Strad Disc
  • Ward Disc
  • Wait Disc


  • The Disc 11 once used to be available in the Music menu. However, it has been since removed.

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