NPC (Non Playable Characters) are mobs that appear throughout the Mineplex main lobby.

List of NPCs Edit

Name Description Mob Location
Carlos The Cow Unknown Cow Near the big rubber duck, behind the ruins parkour.
Morgan Freeman American actor and narrator. Skeleton In a Underground room at the second forest island.
Gertrude Unknown Baby Chicken In a corner on top of the Mineplex logo
Jeffrey ParkerGames' Horse White Horse On top of the fountain.
Chiss One of the owners of Mineplex. Ocelot At the zombie village.
Painter Bob Ross American painter. Villager Inside the Skeletal Mine
Skeletal Miner Unknown Skeleton In the mine. (Multiple Entities)
Abigail the Witch Unknown Witch At the Ruins Parkour, next to the cauldron.
Tituba the Witch West Indian slave witch Witch At the Ruins Parkour, next to the cauldron.
Big Larry A friendly giant Slime who likes to jump off the island Giant Slime At the second jungle island.
Charlie Poor Charlie is going to melt! Snowman Is at a little hut in the desert island.
Archaeologist Unknown Villager Lobby Secrets
Professor Unknown Villager Lobby Secrets
Karate Pig Is a skilled Karate "Pig" Pig Is at the mini log parkour.
sterling_ Unknown Pig Is at the mini log parkour.
Carl The Creeper A Creeper hired by Mineplex. Creeper

Is found at Spawn.

Xenu Is the guardian of the End Portal! Silverfish. In the water near the GWEN Parkour
Dev Dan Unknown Villager Under the main island, where the rails go to.
DJ Plex Unknown Villager Behind the big Hub Tree near the dancefloor.

All Leaders, Admins, Giovani (Maplead)

Unknown Armor Stands with Tags Behind the Rubber Duck, at the start of the island to the right. There is a secret entrance to the Mineplex Offices.
Fountain Keeper Unknown Villager Is at the Brawl Fountain.