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Parties are very useful for players who want to team up in games on Mineplex. When in a party, only the

Also known as Groups
Code None
Function Lets you have an established group/group chat on Mineplex
Used in Mineplex

party leader can join games or invite other players, and the party can only join the game if there are enough spaces for all of them.

Using "@<text>" in the main lobby will talk to your party only. You can do this anywhere, as long as you are in a party. The text on the first line of chat will show up in purple, but the text on the second line of chat will show up in white.

To add someone to your party, you must be on the same server (US or EU) and in the same Lobby/Game, otherwise it will not work.

If you go to a game server as the party leader, both you and your party will enter the game, but you will not necessarily be on the same team unless it is a game with 2 person teams, in which case as many party members as possible are pared up. Also note, that if you are Ultra, Hero, Legend, or Titan but your friend is not, and you attempt to join a full lobby as the leader, your friend will not follow. If you return to a lobby as the party leader, then your party is disbanded, so the only way to switch games is to type /server [Server ID]-#

How to set up a PartyEdit

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You can invite someone to your party by typing "/party [Name of Player]" or "/z [Name of Player]". This will give them a message that gives them the option to join your party. If they do not do so by typing /party [Your username] within 60 seconds, their opportunity to join is closed and they must be re-invited for another 60 second time window. There is an in-game tutorial regarding how to use party related commands; this can be accessed in the main lobby by clicking the 'Party Tutorial' villager (pictured on the right). Completing the party tutorial for the first time will also reward the player with 1000 gems.