The Pig is a kit in Super Smash Mobs. It costs 7000 gems, along with the Skeletal Horse.

Stats Edit

Armor: 5.0 (Average) (Full Chain Armor without Helmet) (8.0 as Nether Pig) (Full Iron Armor except Boots, which is Diamond Boots)

Damage: 5.0 (Below Average)


Knockback Taken: 150% (Light Weight)

Health Regeneration: 0.25 (Average)

Attributes Edit

Pig is the only kit that has all abilities that draw from energy, rather than having cooldowns. Bouncy Bacon heals the Pig when it hits an opponent, certain projectiles, or the ground, and makes it survive drastically longer. Baby Bacon Bomb makes her shoot down a tracking baby pig that locks onto the nearest enemy and explodes in a nearby radius. Pig's passive makes her survive longer with it's armor increase and instant energy recharge, making her more devastating in hand to hand combat.

Even though she can survive for a very long time, she is very faulty in other areas. Pig is light-weight, making her easy to knock out, and it has one of the worst vertical recoveries in-game. Baby Bacon Bomb has bad recovery on vertical, but decent horizontal, but is gimped against to ranged mobs, like Skeleton.

Overall, Pig is a decent fighter in both ranged and melee combat, but she falls short in recovery and KO survivability. Pig does decently in hand to hand combat with projectiles and bacon bombs, but she is faulty on recovery. As a pig, you will be OP as long as you can stay above your opponents.

Moveset Edit

Pig is equipped with an Axe, a Shovel, and a Compass.

Axe Ability - Bouncy Bacon Edit

Ranged Bow standby copy, Healing Apple golden copy

Right click the axe and you'll throw out a Raw Porkchop in the direction of where you're looking. This follows a moderately curved trajectory until it hits something, either in terrain/map, enemy, or certain projectiles. It bounces back to you and you can eat it for Energy. If it hits an enemy, it does moderately low damage and makes a dinging noise to signify there was a hit. It then turns into a Cooked Porkchop and it will restore 1 heart over 1 second, along with the standard Energy increase.

Shovel Ability - Baby Bacon Bomb Edit

Melee Iron sword copy, AoE Tnt side, Recovery Feather copy

  • Damage: 4-6

Right click the Spade and you'll hop and shoot out a baby pig downwards, giving birth to a kamikaze piglet. It locks onto a nearby enemy and will explode, doing decent damage but no knock-back. The hop component of this move can be used for recovery, but it's rather useless as such unless you have enough Energy to use it multiple times. The more you can use it, the higher you can jump.

Passive Ability - Nether Pig Edit

Passive Comparator copy, Status EffectPotion bottle splash, Melee Iron sword copy

If the Pig's HP is below 4, you will transform into a Zombie Pigman. As a Zombie Pigman, you get a number of buffs.

  1. You get Speed 1 as long as you are a Zombie Pigman.
  2. Your Energy instantly fills, so you can get back up on the stage if you are being knocked off.
  3. All ability energy costs are lowered by 33%. This means you can spam moves if you want to, or use Bouncy Bacon a lot to try and get your health back up. You return to Pig form when your HP exceeds 6.
150px-Zombie Pigman

Smash Ability - Pig Stink Edit

SmashNether star copy, Status EffectPotion bottle splash, Melee Iron sword copy

You instantly transform into a Zombie Pigman and you'll let you a toxicating gas, which will give out nausea to all of your opponents. You will become a Pigman regardless of your health and the ability lasts for a whooping 40 seconds, much longer than most other smash abilities. This Smash ability can't do much on it's own; so it's up to you to use the buffs given to you in order to take out as many nauseous players as possible.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only confirmed gender mob in Super Smash Mobs, as it was referred to as a "She", besides for Sir Sheep.
  • Around Mid-Late April 2015, there was a glitch that makes the Pig have a drastically increased hitbox for Bouncy Bacon. A month later it was reverted back to the original hitbox.
  • Sometime around Mid 2014, the Pig had full diamond armor. It was changed to Iron Armor, due to the way it would survive too long.

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