What is Plug.DJ? Edit

Plug.DJ is a community based music playing website where you can add friends and hang about with them while discovering new music! You can set-up your own playlist with all your newest and favorite EDM songs (that aren't in violation of the room rules) and DJ (play) them in front of the whole live Mineplex Audience!

How do I join it? Edit

To join it's really easy, just click this link:  and it will take you to the room where the Mineplex Audience is waiting  for YOU!

Rules Edit

As on Mineplex, you are required to follow some rules and guidelines to make sure that everyone has a friendly & enjoyable environment. They don't have many, but they are important to your experience.

No songs longer than 6 minutes - We do this to make sure that everyone has a shot of DJing and so that the booth isn't clogged up!

Do not repeat songs recently played - We'd like to keep different songs going so the room doesn't get boring!

Only Electronic Dance Music (EDM) - We are trying to stick to the genre that most users seem to prefer to prevent the room getting hectic.

No cursing or racism - We want to make sure that our room is friendly for all ages to enjoy!

No Inappropriate videos - Again, we want to allow a friendly experience for all.

No trolling - We don't want 10 hours of lololol songs or chat trolling!

No spamming - This makes it much easier for users to communicate

No advertising - This.goes for advertising Plug.DJ rooms & other minecraft servers

Who manages it? Edit

At Mineplex they have a Moderator Program called "Plug.DJ Management" which grants the user the "Bouncer" rank. The team manages your experience here and co-ordinates events and overall does heavy moderation. Within the team, they have the "Plug.DJ Management Administration Team" which is a group of dedicated members who overall manage our whole room, these being; A3R, Connor4898, Bradez1571 & JTONPC. The team is overall lead by the Forum Admin, Dctr_.

Frequently Asked Questions Edit

-What is the MineplexBot? The MineplexBot is a bot run by a script which supervises the room. The Bot is able to automatically skip songs that are too long or place people back into the queue after they disconnect and respond to commands such as !dc and !eta. The Bot doesn't moderate the room, we have staff to do that.

-What can I do if I disconnect? If` you reconnect, the bot is likely to recognize that you were a previous position and therefore move you back. Additionally, if the bot didn't recognize that you disconnected by accident, you can try dong !dc. If you leave the room on purpose and do not return quickly, your spot in the queue will not be for you.

How do I get a Plug.DJ rank? - Ranks in the room are based a hierarchy that they have created at the team. Helpers/Moderators+ receive a Resident DJ rank, Plug.DJ Management members receive a Bouncer rank and a group of dedicated Plug.DJ Management members and Administrators are Managers in our room. Therefore, as a regular user, the only way to gain a rank on is to be accepted as staff on Mineplex by having a rank and submitting an application here:

How can I continue to woot songs without continuously returning to the browser for each song? - There are multiple scripts which can be run in your browser to automatically woot, such as plugX and PlugCubed. When activated, a preset option is to enable auto-woot, selecting yes will allow you to woot without actively being there.

How can I make my character dance? - In order for your character to dance you can woot the song, that will make your character dance. Secondly, when playing a song, your character will dance with its back to you while on the booth.

How do I join a waitlist? - You're able to join the queue as indicated in the bottom left hand corner button that says "Join". If the queue is full, it will state that it is full and you cannot enter. You could keep trying to manually join the queue after a song ends, but you could also use a script like PlugX and PlugCubed to ensure you're able to join the queue automatically.

How do I create a playlist? - The large bar at the bottom is a menu of all playlists. Click on it and then go to the "Create" button in the bottom left-hand side and choose a name for the playlist.

How do I level up? - To level up, there's a certain amount of experience required. With each level, the higher the requirement and ultimately more time is spent on

How do I gain experience? - Experience is gained through wooting songs and receiving woots on a song you play, one point at a time.