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Ranger is a kit for the minigame known as Champions.

Class Summary Edit

Master of range and weaker at melee. They use their abilities to deal massive amounts of damage from safe positions, as well as getting away and/or killing melee enemies quickly. Their passives upgrade their bow, making them deal more damage at range or racking up massive damage combos. Rangers also receive a bow ability which can be prepared as the next arrow fired by left clicking their bow. Bow abilities can help put debuffs on enemies like fire, slowness, and nausea, as well as support teammates(Healing Arrow). For rangers, the axe and sword abilities barely help their combat, but help them move around and jump to good archery positions, as well as escaping melee-based enemies. They perform best against Mages due to the fact that they can kill off a Mage before it has a chance to use AoE affects up close. They perform poorly against Assassins, who have the speed and agility to dodge arrows and move in close with a sword.

Skill Asset Types Edit

Sword skills are triggered by holding down Block ("right click mouse button" by default.). Axe skills are triggered with right-click. Bow skills are triggered with attack button ("left mouse button" by default) to prepare your next arrow, and will have the description's respective effects.

Key Legends

HP = Hit points

(±x) = duration increase or decrese for each level

Sword Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Disengage Block an attack within 1 second to disengage.

If successful, you leap backwards and your attacker receives Slow 4 for 3 (+0.5) seconds.

4 15 (-1) seconds If there's no incoming direct hit while using this skill, Disengage has no effect. Free
Wolf Pounce Release Block to pounce.

Charges 50 (+10)% per second.

Taking damage cancels charge.

Colliding with another player mid-air deals up to 3 (+1) damage and Slow 2 for 3 seconds.

4 7 (-1) seconds None 1000 gems

Axe Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Agility Gain Speed 2 for 4 (+1) seconds. You take 50 (+5)% less damage and no knockback.

Agility ends if you left-click.

4 15 (+1) seconds None Free
Wolfs Fury Summon the power of the wolf, gaining Strength 4 for 2 (+2) seconds, and giving no knockback on your attacks.

If you miss two consecutive attacks, Wolf Fury ends.

4 20 (+2) seconds None 1000 gems

Bow Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Napalm Shot Your next arrow will burst into 16 (+8) flames (represented by items) on impact.

If your arrow hits an enemy, it will ignite them for 3 (+1) seconds.

4 28 (-2) seconds The flames also hurt allies. Free
Healing Shot Your next arrow will give its target Regeneration 3 for 4 (+1) seconds, and remove all negative effects.

Self hits gives Regeneration 2.

Gives Nausea to enemies for 6 (+1) seconds.

4 17 (-3) seconds None 1000 gems
Roped Arrow Your next arrow will pull you in after it hits. 4 8 (-1) seconds The player velocity is not depending on the distance the arrow was shot. 1000 gems
Pin down Instantly fire an arrow, giving its target Slow 4 for 4 (+1) seconds. 4 12 (-1) seconds None 1000 gems
Explosive Arrow Your next arrow will explode on impact, dealing up to 10 damage and knockback.

Explosion radius of 5 (+0.5).

4 22 (-2) seconds The explosion also affects allies. Unlock all Champions achievements.

Passive A Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Other Statistics Requirement
Barrage Charge your bow to fire bonus arrows.

Charges 50 (+10)% per second.

Fires up to 4 (+2) additional arrows.

3 Only first arrow that is fired can have a bow skill effect. Free
Overcharge Charge your bow to deal bonus damage.

Charges 45 (+10)% per second.

Fly 5 (+5)% faster at maximum charge

Deals up to 1.5 (+1.5) bonus damage.

3 None 1000 gems
Vitality Spores After getting hit, if no damage is taken for 8 seconds then you will receive Regeneration 2 for 6 (+1) seconds. 3 None 1000 gems

Passive B Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Other Statistics Requirement
Barbed Arrows Your arrows are barbed and give opponents Slow 1 for 3 (+1) seconds. Will cancel sprint and natural healing on opponents.

Duration scales with arrow velocity.

3 None Free
Sharpshooter Hitting with arrow increases arrow damage by 1 for 5 seconds.

Stacks up to 2 (+2) times, and each hit resets duration to 5 seconds.

3 If the player misses 2 shots while Sharpshooter is active, it resets instantly. 1000 gems
Longshot Arrows do an additional 1 damage for every 4 (-0.5) Blocks they travelled.

Maximum of 12 additional damage.

Arrow fly 20% faster

3 Each shots had 7(-1)seconds cooldown.Doesn't activate when sneaking 1000 gems
Heavy Arrows Your arrows are extremely heavy, moving 10 (+5)% slower and dealing an additional 20 (+10)% knockback as well as 2 (+1) additional damage.

You also receive 18 (+6)% reversed velocity of your arrows while not sneaking.

3 None 1000 gems

Passive C Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Other Statistics Requirement
Break Fall Fall damage is reduced by 2 (+2). 3 None Free
Resistance Your body and mind is exceptionally resistant. Durations on you are 25 (+25)% shorter for Slow, Fire, Shock, Confusion, Poison and Blindness. 3 None Free