Staff Request

Username: ArcticZeroo

Requested Position (eg, Admin): Admin

Why you think you would fit the role: I would be a good admin for this Wiki. There are many reasons that my statement is true. The first of these is that I was the first staff member to be accepted on Mineplex, and still am a Mineplex staff member. My In-Game-Name is articz82. The fact that I am the first moderator and a staff member means that I know the entire history of Mineplex and the ins-and-outs of everything. I am able to write an in-depth article on anything because of this.

I just finished 9th grade last week and will turn 15 years old in August. I have been told by many people that I am extremely mature for my age, intelligent, and trustworthy. Because of all of these things, I have nearly impeccable grammar, allowing me to create great entries, and will never abuse my powers.

Thank you for considering this application.

Your request has been accepted. You will be added to the vote. Rinzler (Talk·Contribs)

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