Staff Request

Username: PaperPizza

Requested Position (eg, Admin):


Why you think you would fit the role: Here we go! First of all, I would like to say, I know about the game loot system, which goes to the M.V.Ps of the game. One time, I got a treasure chest from the system, which makes sense. Also, I can demonstrate the Assasin kit for Team Deathmatch/Champions. It is one of the bow kits, the other being the Ranger kit.

I usually spend my time playing Castle Seige and Champions (not Team Deathmatch), but I also play other games. My least favorite is Hunger Games. Everybody rages on me hard in Hunger Games, which is why I usually don't pick the PVP section. Also, I have tons of fireworks. Also, my username is mipatn. All for now!

Unofficial Comments: