Staff Request

Username: XxPercyJacksonxX

Requested Position (eg, Admin):

Admin (Not Bureaucrat)

Why you think you would fit the role: I think if Articzeroo wants to be a Admin on this wiki he needs to be more active than he has been in the past. I do think, as a moderator of Mineplex, he would be a good Admin. If Articzeroo becomes more active and gets more edits (at least 100) I think he would be a fine candidate. 

As for me, I don't have a boundless knowledge of Mineplex, nor do I spend all my time on Mineplex. I do know a good bit about Mineplex, and I am also a huge fan of Turf Wars and Super Paintball. I have experience with the Admin position as I am an Admin over on the Minecraft Computer Wiki. I have figured out what the Admin tools do, and have experience with them.  I hope you take this application into consideration.

Your request has been accepted. You will be included in a vote. Rinzler (Talk·Contribs)

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