Return to Hub Command
The icon for the Return to Hub command.
Also known as Return to Lobby
Code /lobby, /hub
Function Transports player to the Hub
Used in Waiting Lobby

The Return to Hub Command is a command that, once activated, allows you to return to the hub/lobby. It is represented by a Clock.

The command appears in its "physical" form in a Game Wait Room in the player's inventory, in the eighth slot/right next to the Cosmetics.

While there is no physical command for this when someone has started a game, a player can still quit by typing /hub or /lobby in the chat.

In SSM, if you right click on the return to hub option, it will display in your chat:

Ability - Return to Hub

Right click while holding this to return to a lobby

Trivia Edit

  • This command used to bring anyone to the hub if it had the keywords "hub" or "lobby" in it. This was soon removed.
  • A popular way to use this for trolling advantages was to say to do /hubba bubba.

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