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This feature was removed and is no longer available on the server.

Removal Date Reason
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Rule Book
Written Book
Rule Book icon
Code None
Function Opens the Rule Menu
Used in Lobby

The Rule Book was a Game Command available in Mineplex that was represented by a Written Book. It was a book that allowed you to view the rules and commands for Mineplex.

Contents Edit

Rules Edit

Main Page: Rules of Mineplex

Report rule breakers on with evidence.

FAQ Edit

Main Page: FAQ

Previous text in the Rule Book Edit

"Welcome to Mineplex

Please take a moment to read through this book!

Part 1 - Rules

Part 2 - FAQ


  1. No spamming. This is sending too many messages and/or repeating the same message in a short period of time.
  2. No use of excessive caps. This is sending messages with an excessive amount of capital letters.
  3. No hacking or use of any unapproved mods. This means we do not tolerate any sort of hacked client or any unapproved mods, such as fly hacks,
  4. No advertising non-Mineplex related links. This is when a link is sent in chat which directs others to non-Mineplex related content.
  5. No trolling or use of any exploits. This means that abuse of bugs/glitches is not tolerated You also may not do things such as teamkilling and/or blocking spawns
  6. Be respectful to others, yourself, and the environment around you.

Please report any bugs, exploits, and/or rule breakers on our forums with evidence.


What is stacker and how do you play it?

Stacker is a hub game where you can stack & throw players/mobs.

Right-Click: pick up

Left-Click: throw

How do I get Ultra, Hero, or Legend?

You are able to purchase these ranks through out shop on our website at:

Why hasn't my rank been applied yet?

Your rank may take a while to be applied. If it has been over 24 hours please contact:

What do I do if I was wrongfully punished?

If you believe you were wrongfully punished, please submit an appeal at:

How do I apply for Trainee?

You may only apply for Trainee if you have Ultra, Hero, or Legend. Apply at:

Thank you for reading!

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