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Super Smash Mobs
The official logo for Super Smash Mobs.
Also known as SSM
Minigame Type Classic
Status Available
Teams Team mode available
PvP PvP minigame
Number of Players 4
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Skeleton Head
Portal Representation Skeleton
Server Tag SSM-#
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Super Smash Mobs, commonly abbreviated to SSM, is a Classic minigame on Mineplex. While it has not yet been confirmed, this game seems to be inspired and based off of Super Smash Bros.

Aim of the GameEdit

Be the last one (or team) standing in a free-for-all match by utilizing the selected kits' weapons and abilities.

Gameplay Edit

How to Join Edit

By going to the right Game-NPC section in the lobby, you will find a Skeleton with "Super Smash Mobs" on top of it. Click the Iron Golem and select a game by tapping one of the emerald blocks in the resulting GUI. You can also click the compass, then click on the Skeleton Head to select a game.

How to Play Edit

You spawn as a mob (depending on your kit) with four lives in an arena. You have to knock your opponents out of the arena (which is, usually making them fall in to the ocean or void) or kill them until their lives reach 0. If you do not attack, your hunger bar will start depleting, which can be filled back up by hitting other mobs with melee or your special skills (depends on your kit). When you are the last remaining mob in the arena, you win the game.

Teams Edit

There is a team mode in Super Smash Mobs. 6 players will be put onto one of 3 teams. If you are in a party, you are automatically put on a team.

Smash Crystals Edit

After a few minutes of playing a round, a beacon with quartz surrounding it will appear at a random spot on the map. After 10 seconds, an Ender Crystal (the Smash Crystal) will drop from the sky, which you can collect by walking over it. If collected, a Nether Star will appear next to the compass. Right clicking the Nether Star will activate the ability. Each mob has a different ability and most last for 10-30 seconds, with some being longer or shorter.

Maps Edit

Available Maps Edit


Free Kits Edit

These kits are free and require no purchase whatsoever.


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Bow Skeleton Bone Explosion
Roped Arrow
Arrow Storm
Triple Jump
Iron Axe (grid) Iron Axe
Bow Bow
Chain Helmet (grid) Chainmail Helmet
Chain Chestplate (grid) Chainmail Chestplate
Chain Leggings (grid) Chainmail Leggings
Chain Boots (grid) Chainmail Boots

6.0 Defence points

Free kit 5.0 Damage
125% Knockback taken
0.25 Health regeneration per second
150% Arrow knockback
Kit Description: None

Iron GolemEdit

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Iron Golem Fissure
Iron Hook
Seismic Slam
Triple Jump
Iron Axe (grid) Iron Axe
Iron Pickaxe (grid) Iron Pickaxe
Iron Shovel (grid) Iron Shovel
Iron Helmet (grid) Iron Helmet
Iron Chestplate (grid) Iron Chestplate
Iron Leggings (grid) Iron Leggings
Diamond Boots (grid) Diamond Boots

8.0 Defence points

Free kit 7.0 Damage
100% Knockback taken
0.2 Health regeneration per second
Kit Description: None

Gem Kits Edit

These kits need to be bought with gems.

Achievement Kits Edit

These kits are not available for purchase. The only way to receive these kits is to complete all the achievements for that game, in this case, Super Smash Mobs.

  • Sir. Sheep (Super Smash Mobs Master Achievement)
  • Villager (Super Smash Mobs Master Achievement)

You can check how many achievements you have earned by typing /stats and clicking the creeper head. If you are in the lobby you can also right click on the head in your inventory.

Free Kits Edit

These kits are free and require no purchase whatsoever.

Gem KitsEdit

These kits are bought with Gems.

Achievement Kits Edit

These kits are unlocked by getting every achievement in SSM. There are currently two.

Achievements Edit

There are a total of 6 different achievements in the game.

  • SO SUPER!!!: Win 100 games of Super Smash Mobs
  • MLG Pro: Win without losing a life
  • Free Kits Forever: Win 100 games using only the Free Kits
  • 1v3: Get 10 kills in a game with 4 players
  • Triple Kill: Kill 3 players in a row, with no more than 10 seconds between each kill
  • Recovery Master: Take 200 damage in a single game.

About the Ability classification systemEdit

The classification system is a way for players to tell at a glance what the basic properties of an ability are, without having to sift through the full explanation.

There are 9 tags that can be applied to abilities:

  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Passive
  • Movement
  • Recovery
  • Healing
  • AoE (Area of Effect)
  • Status Effect
  • Smash

Each ability has its tags underneath its title, with the tags ordered by importance to that specific ability from left to right.

Gem Earnings Edit

  • 4 Gems per Kill
  • 10 Gems for First Blood
  • 10 Gems for Participation
  • 20 Gems for First Place
  • 15 Gems for Second Place
  • 10 Gems for Third Place

Trivia Edit

  • A map called "Shiprekt" used to be available. It caused too much lag, making it removed from the maps of Super Smash Mobs.
  • A map called "Alien Escape" used to be availabe. It caused many players to experience FPS drops and it was hard to distinguish the background from the map, making it removed from the maps of Super Smash Mobs.
  • A map called "Amazon" used to be availabe. It didn't provide good gameplay for some classes, making it removed from the maps of Super Smash Mobs.
  • There was a class that was called "Undead Knight" which consisted of a skeleton and a mountable undead zombie horse. This class was removed however, due to being work in progress and being buggy at the same time.
  • Before Team Super Smash Mobs was released, a game similar to it was used during events. In this version three maps, Mushroom Islands, Hyrule Castle and Skylands were combined to a special map named 'Twitch32'. The game consisted of four teams.
  • The Eternal Taunt is unusable in this game, as a player using the Eternal Taunt would be almost indistinguishable from the Skeleton Kit when used.
  • As a popular game, Super Smash Mobs was used in many brawls, like:
    • Smash Gladiators
    • Smash Sheep Quest
    • Smash Skywars
    • Random Kit SSM

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