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The current Senior Moderator forum tag.


The previous Senior Moderator forum tag.

Senior Moderator forum tag (classic)

The classic Senior Moderator forum tag.

Snr Mod

The current Senior Moderator chat tag.

Senior Moderator, abbreviated as Senior Mod or, more frequently, Sr. Mod, is a staff rank introduced on July 18th, 2014 in The Great Restructure. Senior Moderators are almost identical to Moderators, only that Senior Moderators are split into eight teams which specialize in maintaining and helping a specific sector of Mineplex. There are currently 77 Senior Moderators.

To achieve the Senior Moderator rank, one must be a Moderator and have shown an exceptional job at doing what they do, and when a position is open, they may apply to a team of their interest. Alternatively, leaders of said teams may recruit members with no application necessary. Depending on the team they oversee, Admins will review the applicants and choose who is best for the role. Once achieved, the player earns the orange (formerly silver) SR MOD tag. On forums, they will also receive the tag of their respective team.

List of Senior Moderators Edit

LAST UPDATED: June 4, 2018 / 6:37 PM EST

Some Senior Moderators are also Builders. In the list of Senior Moderators, the names that are in bold indicate an admin, the lead of his/her respective team. Those with italicized names are managers of the team that assist the admin (lead of a subteam relevant to the Sr.Mod team, supervisor, etc).

Clans Management Edit

Clans Management specifically handles all matters related to the Champions game Clans, including Quality Assurance, gameplay testing, map development, in-game and forums moderation, and rule enforcement. In the past, the team had a golden tag that said C.MOD, but this has since been changed. The current members of CM are a mix of past members and promoted members of the old CM Subteam after CM was reverted back to a Sr.Mod team. CM now has an internal subteam, called CMA. The CM lead/manager is mepman9.

Clans Management forum tag (current)

Clans Management tag.

  • AddictivePenguin 
  • AlexTheCoder
  • epicbluej 
  • mepman9
  • Soccar
  • Speedz
  • StudentAlleg

Community Management/Event SquadEdit


Current Community Management tag.

Event Squad forum tag (current)

Event Squad tag.


Previous Server Management tag.

Community Management oversees the servers based in Europe, and the United States. The community management team has two sub projects, the Ideas Team and the Feedback team. The Event Squad focuses on creating, testing, and hosting both weekly and one-off events for the community. The Events Squad team has one sub team, Event Assistance.

Previous Server Management tag.

Event Management does offer assistance in Karaoke Events, but the Karaoke Hosts are primarily responsible for it.
  • BillNye (ES)
  • Block2Block (ES)
  • Bunni (CoM & ES)
  • EmmaLie (CoM & ES)
  • hazeae24 (CoM)
  • Nuclear_Poptart (Community Relations Manager)
  • PenguinHi5 (ES)
  • ShinyRukii (Event Squad Admin)
  • ssnip (CoM)
  • xVanessa (CoM)

Forum NinjaEdit

Forum Ninjas deal with everything related to the Mineplex forums, like removing spam, answering hacker reports, moving threads, and such. People in this team oversee the "Forum Moderator" and "Reports Patrol" groups; Forum Ninjas are chosen from the Forum Moderator group.

Current Forum Ninja Tag

Current Forum Ninja tag.


Previous Forum Ninja tag.

  • DiamondBudderAxe
  • Jarvis
  • snevahmadaa
  • Marzie
  • Wanderer

Mod CoordinationEdit


The tag for Mod Coordinators.

Mod Coordination, often called Mod Coord, manages the server's general moderation team. They make sure everything runs smoothly with the mods, monitoring their progress, providing them with events, etc.
Classic ModC

Previous MOD COORD tag

Mod Coord is responsible for managing the moderators of the server, monitoring their progress and managing several sub-teams for them. New members are generally chosen out of Moderator Coordination Assistants (MCA), but they may also be recruited directly from the general moderator population.
  • Dulciloquy
  • ProtonOrange
  • Toki
  • zdemon98

Quality AssuranceEdit

Quality Assurance forum tag (current)

The tag for Quality Assurance.

Classic QA

Previous Quality Assurance tag

The Quality Assurance team is in charge of bug testing, innovation, coming up with ideas for games, kits, and managing balance patches. They work closely with Developers. New members can be chosen from the Quality Assurance Testing group. The QA lead/manager is KingCrazy_ who is assisted by BlueBeetleHD and DeanTM.

  • Artix 
  • Awquard 
  • Bjd1126 
  • BlueBeetleHD 
  • DeanTM  
  • Draco 
  • hylore 
  • Its_Tims 
  • Prophate 
  • Razergaming14 
  • Suspici0us  
  • ThinkPuppy 
  • rosday 

Social Media Team Edit

Social Media forum tag (current)

Social Media tag.

The Social Media Team focuses on keeping Mineplex social media accounts top quality, and interesting, for all users on the network. Social Media also runs the Newsletter program, the media & streams teams and oversees YT applications.

  • BlueBeetleHD
  • Crumplex
  • Hqmza
  • Iav
  • millenium200

Trainee Management Edit

Formerly called Helper Management, the Trainee Management team looks after the Trainees. Anyone in the 'recruitment' division also processes Trainee applications.

Trainee Management forum tag (current)

Current Trainee Management Tag

Recruiter tag

Forum Tag given to Trainee Recruiters. Used to differ from Mentors

Trainee Management

Previous Trainee Management tag


Previous Helper Management tag

  • DeanTM
  • Diar
  • FireStar891
  • Glitz
  • Islendingurinn
  • JustZerooo
  • Meami

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