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The official logo for SkyWars.
Also known as Skywars
Minigame Type Survival
Status Available
Teams Team mode available
PvP PvP minigame
Beta Release Date None
Official Release Date June 26th, 2015
Number of Players 8-12
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Feather (grid) Feather
Portal Representation Zombie with Golden Arnor and Golden Sword
Server Tag SKY-#
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Mineplex logo (abbrev) Free for all [sic] battle in the sky!

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SkyWars, also known as Skywars, is a Survival minigame on Mineplex that was released on June 26th, 2015. Like Master Builders, SkyWars was never released as a Beta minigame. In SkyWars, players must fight to be the last one alive in a free-for-all match that involves gearing up on their home island, then branching out to other areas and islands to kill other players and receive better loot. All the while, they must be wary about the fact that the islands "crumble" over time, pushing players closer to the center and killing campers. There is also a game called SkyWars teams, which consist of two players per team.

Summary Edit

There is only one team: The yellow Players team. When the game starts, each player spawns on an exclusive island by themselves. Each island has enough resources for a Diamond Sword (grid) diamond sword, a Bow (grid) bow, some Arrow (grid) arrows, and several pieces of armor to be crafted.

At this point, players will be confronted with three courses of action: Build their way to the central island, build a base and camp at their own island, or build their way to other players' islands and kill their way to victory.

All islands are scattered with three tiers of chests, which contain different quality of loot depending on the tier.

Tier number Location Loot
Home island
  • Basic loot
Surrounding islands
  • Armor
  • Arrow (grid) Arrows
  • Bow (grid) Bow
  • Ender Pearl (grid) Ender pearl
  • Food
  • Tools
  • Weapons
Central island
  • Advanced loot
  • TNT (grid) TNT Cannon

Finally, in the central island are four large chests containing the best loot. There is also a TNT generator, which creates Throwing TNT. The central island is guarded by 8 Zombies wearing full Gold armor, so as to give the player some more challenge in reaching the precious loot. If a player dies, his/her full inventory will be dropped, and the dead player will not re-spawn. After 3.5 minutes of gameplay, the map will start to crumble, first at the edges then working inwards to shorten the game duration. This is similar to the Micro Battle games.

Features Edit

Tiered Chest Loot Edit

There are three different tiers of chest loot on the map. The chests on the player's start island are Tier 1, and will contain the most basic items (never swords or bows). Tier 2 chests are randomly scattered amongst the other islands, which contain more valuable gear and sometimes Ender Pearls. Tier 3 chests have the best loot, and can only be found in the center of the map.

TNT Generator Edit

2015-06-27 15.57.24-983

A TNT Generator

In the very middle of the central island of each map is a TNT Generator. If it's charged, it has a Throwing TNT item floating above a Redstone Block. Once the item is picked up, the Redstone block will turn into Iron, and the item will disappear. After 20 seconds, it recharges in a shower of yellow particles. Throwing TNT is extremely valuable, as players can lob it over very long ranges to bombard other players islands. TNT cannot be stacked without one empty slot in one's inventory.

Zombie Guardians Edit

2015-06-27 15.57.27

A Zombie Guardian

The middle of each map contains the best loot as well as TNT, but it's also heavily guarded. Eight Zombie Guardians spawn in the center, each wearing a full golden armor set and wielding a golden sword. Once killed, the Zombie Guardians will drop decent loot, but they will not re-spawn.

Map Crumble Edit

2015-07-10 15.38.34

Map crumble

After 3.5 minutes the entire map will start crumbling. This will start at the outer edges, and work inwards - forcing players towards the center of the map to fight.


Kits Edit

Kit Inventory Special abilities
  • Wood sword
  • Ice
  • Ice Bridge - Right Click with Ice to create an Ice Bridge (Last 4 seconds, Cooldown 30 seconds)
  • Wood Sword
  • Blaze Rod
  • Fire Burst -  Right the Blaze Rod to use Fire Burst. Sends out a pulse of fire that deals 6 damage to all players within 6 blocks (Cooldown 30 seconds)
  • Permanent Fire Resistance
  • Wood Sword
  • Eye of Ender
  • Right Click the Eye of Ender to teleport to last safe location, ONE use only
  • Tap twice to Leap (Cooldown 25 seconds) You only can leap after 20 seconds of the game
  • Take no fall damage
  • Wood Sword
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Redstone Comparator
  • Magnet - Right Click with Redstone Comparator to actvate Magnet.Any player from 12 blocks away from your line of sight is drawn to you.The velocity that they are drawn towards is based how much metal armor they are wearing. (Cooldown 25 seconds)
  • Metal means Gold/Chainmail/Iron armor.
  • For each piece of metal armor wear will gain extra 0.5 hearts.
  • Each metal armor give you 5% knockback resistance
  • Wood sword
  • Wood shovel
  • Right Click to fire Throwable Dirt.You receive 1 Throwable Dirt every 20 seconds

Strategies Edit

Mineplex Skywars is different from other interpretations of this popular game. As such, new strategies are effective exclusively in this version.

Explore Edit

This strategy has the player rapidly collecting their loot from their chests and making a bridge to the semi-center islands, then the main island in the middle. It is essential that you make it to the center before anyone else can, so you can get the prime cut of the loot. If you don't have good gear yet, Stay away from the Guardians. They will make short work of an unarmed or unarmored player. Once you have gotten stronger, you can take them on. Grab the TNT once you have a clear shot to get it. Then, you can wait for the other players to come at you, and use your hard-earned gear to take them out.

Aggression Edit

This strategy has the player getting loot and crafting gear as fast as possible from their own island, and attacking others on their islands before they can gear up. It's important that you have at least your Diamond sword if you have low armor, so you can just strafe around your targets to avoid hits. You can take the gear from victims, and get better every time you get a kill. Using the Metal kit is recommanded, granting you instant access to a good weapon and a great pickaxe to get gear faster.

Passive Edit

This strategy has the player getting as much ore and gear as they can from their island, taking their time until the map crumble begins or you are ready to go to the center. It's essential that you dig around your island, constantly checking for ores. That being said, metal is an excellent choice for a kit with this strategy, allowing you to get a great pickaxe instantly, saving time and Iron Ingots. Make sure you keep an eye on the top of your island, and don't let anyone sneak up on you. After you're ready, make your way, slowly if desired, to the center or other islands. Your powerful gear will prepare you for whatever you encounter.

Achievements Edit

Achievement Requirement Reward
Sky King Win 20 rounds of Skywars. 2000 Gems
Master Bomber Get 3 kills with Super Throwing TNT in a single round. 500 Gems
TNT Hoarder Acquire 100 Super Throwing TNTs in total. 250 Gems
Left For Dead Kill 120 zombies. 750 Gems
Cold Blooded Killer Kill 250 players. 500 Gems
Survivalist Win a round without opening a chest. 1000 Gems
Bare Minimum Win a round without equipping armor. 1000 Gems
SkyWars Master Achievement Unlock all SkyWars achievements. Earth kit

Gem rewards Edit

The list below shows the maximum sum of Gems a player may earn at any given time without any boosters of any sort. Gem earnings are rounded down and sorted alphabetically, excluding variables.

Gems Reason
First/second/third place
x Kill assists
12x x Kills
10 Participation

History Edit

Main article: History

June 26th, 2015 - SkyWars Edit

  • SkyWars released.