The Sky Squid is a kit in Super Smash Mobs. It's a gem kit that requires 3000 gems to purchase, the cheapest kit in Super Smash Mobs, along with the Enderman.

Stats Edit

Damage 6.0 (Above Average)

Armor: 5.0 (Average) (Full Chain Armor without Helmet)


Knock-back Taken: 150% (Middle Weight)

Health Regeneration: 0.25 (Average)

Attributes Edit

Sky Squid is the second most versatile mob in the game, second only to Slime, with its decent close or ranged combat status, its utilities, and its movement. The three skills it has are Ink Shotgun, Super Squid and Fish Flurry. Super Squid's invincibility and 1 second flying takes the squid up and makes the squid invincible to all damage. As for invincibility, it's a rather useful move to get past mobs, useful for running away. Ink Shotgun does high damage and knockback, and has a short cooldown, but makes up for this with short range and predictability. Fish Flurry is an AoE move, doing high damage to people who hit the flurry. If you lag, it is devastating, often 1-hit KOing mobs who lag.

Sky Squid may be a decent combat mob, but its rather low armor and big hitbox makes a squid easy to hit with projectiles. Squid's projectiles are very ineffective at far range, as it's projectiles tend to collide with each other, making it ineffective. This makes range-based mobs and campers dangerous to the Sky Squid.

Overall, Squid is a very decent mob. Squid's abilities work best at mid-range, having it's attack damage and armor being above average overall. Squid's reliable close ranged projectile is good, doing blindness and rarely extreme damage. However, it has a hard time shooting over a distance with the projectile's collision bug and hard time spacing itself away from other mobs.

Moveset Edit

The Sky Squid is equipped with a Sword, Axe, and a Compass.

Sword Move - Super Squid Edit

Recovery Feather copy, Movement Leather Boots (grid)

Hold Right Click or Block to make yourself fly in the direction you look and be invulnerable to any sort of attack. (However if a Sir Sheep player launches wool mine at you at any point in flight, and it hits you before anything else, it counts as a block and you cannot fly through it.) It's a recovery move and lasts for 1 second of flight. Not only that, but it can also be used for other utilities. For it's invincibility, it's rather useful against AoE movesets, or against high-power moves, like Iron Golem's Seismic Slam or Creeper's Explosion, respectively.

Axe Move - Ink Shotgun Edit

Ranged Bow standby copy, AoE Tnt side

Right Click the Axe and you'll shoot out 7 ink sacs trailing white smoke in front of you.Each pellet deal 1.725 damage. Ink Shotgun inflicts very high damage and knock-back, almost one-hit KOing mobs with low armor (Zombie, Wolf, or Chicken). Somewhat impractical for edge-guarding, despite the pellets having decent knockback.

Shovel Move - Fish Flurry Edit

Ranged Bow standby copy

Right Click the spade while looking at a block and the surrounding area will have water particles appear from the ground. Soon, marine life will spurt in a 5x5x5 radius of where you clicked(Require 1 second warmup to summon fish), each fish deal 2 damage and knockback to enemies, last 4 seconds. As a result, it has a ridiculous 16 seconds cooldown to balance it. If it's placed at the right time on a Smash crystal, It can almost guarantee that the squid will get it, as no one but the squid can access it without being damaged and knocked back.

Smash Crystal - Storm Squid Edit

SmashNether star copy, Ranged Bow standby copy, Movement Leather Boots (grid)

When activating by clicking on the Nether Star, the sky will start to rain. You will be able to fly, like in creative mode, and shoot lightning every second. This is likely the most OP Smash Crystal ability, as you are invincible during the entire duration of the attack, and can strike any player with lightning easily.

Trivia Edit

  • Many people considered the Sky Squid as a useless kit for its apparently inferior statistics and moveset. The November 2015 Super Smash Mobs update has since buffed the Sky Squid, drastically increasing its popularity among players. Now, it is considered to be the strongest kit among many players.
  • Sky Squid may be inspired by SkyDoesMinecraft. As it's name implies Sky Squid, it could be a near reference to Sky's arch-nemesis, Squids.