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An ongoing game of Slimeball
Minigame Type Unknown
Status Available
Teams Unknown
PvP Unknown
Official Release Date August 12, 2015
Number of Players 4
Game/Statistics Menu Icon N/A
Portal Representation N/A
Server Tag Unknown

Slimeball, formerly known as Lobby Soccer and occasionally referred to as Lobby Football or simply Football, is one of three Lobby games on Mineplex that was released on August 12th, 2015. In Slimeball, players in opposing teams are presented with a slime acting as a ball, which they must kick into their opponents' goal in order to score a point.

The game was renamed to Slimeball due to there being confusion about the name "soccer," as most parts of the world refer to the sport as "football."

Gameplay Edit

Slimeball supports a total of 4 players, with two per team. Both teams are the generic "red and blue" teams who each attempt to score in the opposing team's goal, much like regular soccer. Like other Lobby games, the game runs on indefinitely, regardless of the number of players currently playing. However, the scoreboard will reset when there are no players. As with other Lobby games, players can only join by typing /team <red:blue> into the chat, as there are no kits in this minigame.

At the start of the game, players are immediately given an outfit based on what team they have joined, and, as stated above, must kick the slime into the opposing team's goal.

Maps Edit

Tactics Edit

  • Punch players and stack them. You can also stack the slimeball.
  • Make use of the double  jump.
  • There used to be a bug where players using the Elder Guardian Morph could ruin the game by blowing up the soccer field with their laser. This was, however, fixed in a later update.