This minigame is permanently unavailable.
Reason: Widespread unpopularity
Successor: Not replaced
Date: April 2014

Squid Shooters
Minigame Type Arcade
Status Removed
Teams Solo minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Date of Removal April 2014
Number of Players 20
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Unknown
Portal Representation Unknown
Server Tag Unknown

Squid Shooters is a Removed Arcade minigame on Mineplex that was released on an unknown date. It was removed in April 2014. In Squid Shooters, players had to be the first to reach 20 kills in a free-for-all match by using various abilities; in many ways, the game was a combination of One in the Quiver and Super Paintball.

Aim of the gameEdit

Be the first person to reach 20 kills.

How to playEdit

You spawn as a squid in the water. Holding down the crouch button (Shift) will propel you forward through the water. Right clicking will make you shoot a bullet of fireworks, or many bullets of fireworks if you're using the Shotgun kit. These fireworks will kill enemy squids.

You can walk on land, but being out of the water will give you Slowness III and will also make you lose hunger rapidly, and eventually make you lose health.


Squid blaster - Fast reload time. Shoots yellow fireworks.

Shotgun (2000 gems) - Shoots multiple bullets and has decent reload time. Shoots green fireworks. Instant reload if an enemy is hit. Widely regarded by players to be the best kit.

Sniper Rifle (Ultra kit) - Shoots a speedy bullet, but slow reload time. Shoots red fireworks. If enemy is hit with your bullet, the sniper rifle reloads instantly.

Glitches Edit

  • All abilities do not function correctly or at all.[Note 1]

Notes Edit

  1. As a result of this glitch, Squid Shooters was not included in Mineplex Player Servers.

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