A player stacking another player.

Stacker is a plugin that can be used to stack players and mobs on your head.

Usage Edit

Currently, Stacker can be only used in Events[Note 1] if the host enabled it, using the command

/e stacker [player]

which will toggle the feature for everyone or for a certain player.

In the past, it was usable in the lobbies. However, it was removed on December 15th, 2016, due to conflicts with Titles.

Premise Edit

If active, a player may teleport another player on top of themselves as if "stacked". The player that is stacked may then be thrown, with the ability to hit other players, and a chat notification appearing on the thrown player's screen. Being hit will result in being thrown in a certain direction.

A player may stack more than one player, with the tower of players growing higher as a result; it's unknown if there is a limit to the number of stacked players. The player in possession of these players will not fire every player off at the same time if thrown; instead, they are thrown one by one. Stacked players under stacked players cannot throw them.

Players may opt out of Stacker by disabling it in the Preferences menu.

Controls[Note 2] Edit

Key Function
Right-Click Stack Players or Mobs
Left-Click Throw stacked Players or Mobs
Left Shift Dismount a Player that you are stacked on

Notes Edit

  1. This may be removed in the upcoming event update.
  2. Table displays default key bindings.