The Mineplex Staff Team is a group of people which moderate and operate the Mineplex network.

Volunteer Staff Structure Edit


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The core portion of staff positions are filled by volunteers. The volunteer staff structure for the network consists of several teams - Trainee Team, Moderator Team, Trainee Management, Quality Assurance, Clans Management, Community Management, Moderator Coordination, Social Media, and Forums.

Each of these teams is led by an Administrator, who makes sure that the team is operating as efficiently as possible.

Build Team Edit

Builder forum tag (current)

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The Build Team is a volunteer position, however, this position is not included in the main Volunteer Staff Structure. Tasks of Builders are very different.

Administrative Team Edit


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As mentioned above, Administrators (part of the Administrative Team) lead the various staff teams that compose the main staff structure of the network.

Leadership Team Edit


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The Leadership Team consists of Owners of Mineplex along with other individuals who lead the network and its staff members.

Additional Staff Members Edit

In addition to the main staff structure, there is a secondary staff structure for assorted tasks.

Support MonkeyEdit

Support Monkeys, another name for Customer Support, deal with all purchases in the Mineplex shop. This team used to be a Senior Moderator Team.

  • EvilEsther [Esther]
  • Timmy48081_
  • cherdy8s
  • mannalou
  • rl6
  • strutt20

Media Edit

The Media Staff Members creates all types of media and promotional material for Mineplex, from videos to posters.

  • Tortelett [Tort]