Staff Interview - Pluto1099 Official Biography Edit

The Application Process Edit

A lot of people would think the application process is exciting, however, it wasn't all that exciting, for me at least. I was accepted the first time around, partly due to my experience. Mineplex prides itself with the best staff in the industry, so, naturally, the application process is long and hard, it isn't easy. My advice to anyone applying for Trainee is never to give up, a lot of potential Trainees just give up after looking at the lengthy application process. If you truly believe you can make a difference, it will reflect on you.

Put yourself out there, don't give up!

What I'm Passionate In Edit

I enjoy Swimming; I am a Lifeguard. From the beginning, Lifeguarding has always been something I looked forward to doing. I'm always bringing that same passion for helping others to the Mineplex community, as a forum ninja and as a fellow player, I put my best self forward to set a good example for everyone around me!

Long Term Goals Edit

My long term goals in Mineplex are to make the forums a better place, ensuring appeals are kept to a minimal length and are processed efficiently.

Life in general, I'd like to bring my passion for helping others to the Medical Field, I've been considering everything from EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) to Doctor and everything in-between.

Fun Facts Edit

  1. My favourite swimming stroke is Front Crawl because it's the fastest and easiest to teach.
  2. As a lifeguard, I'm considered a “Mini EMR” because of my advanced first aid training. (aka: if you're choking on Mineplex I'm your guy) :p
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