Super Smash Mobs Training
Minigame Type Classic
Status Available
Teams Unknown
PvP Unknown
Official Release Date May 22, 2017
Number of Players 4+
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Steve Head
Portal Representation Skeleton with a Bow Bow
Server Tag SSMT-#
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Not to be confused with Super Smash Mobs.

Super Smash Mobs Training is a minigame released to Mineplex on May 22, 2017. It is not an ordinary game; instead, it is used for training and learning to play SSM.


When the game starts, all players appear on a platform floating above the map. On the platform, players can select their kit. All kits are completely free, even the achievement one.

After selecting their kit, players should jump off the the platform to the map below. The map is spacious and contains many different islands in different environment for player to fight in. Every few minutes, a Smash Crystal spawns just like in normal SSM. 

If a player dies, they immediately respawn on the floating island.

A player can teleport to the island at any time they are not in PvP by clicking the blaze rod in their inventory.

Differences with normal SSM Edit

Super Smash Mobs Super Smash Mobs Training
No time limit 20 minutes
4 lives Unlimited lives
Hunger decays if the player does not attack Hunger does not decay if the player does not attack
Kits only selectable in the Game Lobby Kits selectable in the Game Lobby and in the training world on the floating platform.
Player that join mid-game become spectators Player that join mid-game can play.
Gives Gems Doesn't give Gems
No instant respawn Instant respawn

History Edit

May 22, 2017 - Quadruple Game Update Edit

  • [Added] Added Super Smash Mobs Training

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first game that does not give any gems when the game ends.

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