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Taunt your enemies or just show off. Use /taunt to have a good time!
Name Tag
The icon for the Taunts submenu.
Code None
Function Cosmetic
Used in Games

Taunts are cosmetic and in a section of the Cosmetic Menu, represented by a Name Tag.

Usage Edit

When activated, Taunts will play various animations and display a chat message.

To use a taunt, you have to use /taunt ingame. They have a recharge time of 30 seconds.

They cannot be used if you are in PvP or playing Super Smash Mobs, due to the kits becoming indistinguishable.

Taunts can be currently only obtained with the purchase of Eternal Rank, or through special chests.

List of Taunts Edit

Regular Taunts Edit

These Taunts can be found in every chest and are available at Carl's Spinner.

Taunt name Official description Special ability
Not available

Special Taunts Edit

These Taunts are found only in special chests, acquired by purchasing a rank or limited to staff members.

Taunt name Official description Special ability Chat message Can be used while in combat Requirements
Eternal Taunt Although the Eternal has been around forever, he waited too long for a worthy opponent and he turned to bones. Morphs the player into a Skeleton and spawns clocks around him. <Username> waited so long they turned to bones. No Eternal Rank
Blow A Kiss
Shoots out a projectile made out of heart particles. If it hits someone, a message appears in chat, if it doesn't a different one appears <Username> blows a kiss at <Username2>.

<Username> wanted to kiss someone but no one was around.

No Found in Love Chests
Rainbow At the end of every Rainbow they say there is a pot of Gold. Creates a Rainbow over the player.  Does not display a message in chat. Yes Found in St Patrick's Chests

Trivia Edit

Known Bugs Edit

  • Taunts currently cannot be enabled after disabling them on the same server

Other messages Edit

  • Gadget> You enabled <taunt name>.
  • Taunt> You have no active taunts.
  • Taunt> You are not in a game!
  • Taunt> You are not playing the game!
  • Taunt> You can't run this while in pvp!
  • Recharge> You cannot use <taunt name> for <time left>.
  • Recharge> You can use <taunt name>.
  • Taunt> Taunts are disabled in this game!

General Edit

History Edit

December 23th, 2016 - Introducing Communities Edit

[Added] The main system has been added with a first taunt (Eternal Taunt).

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