Thanksgiving Chickens were an event-only mob made available only during the celebration of Thanksgiving.


The official drawing for a Thanksgiving Chicken on the Mineplex page.


During the month of November, the Thanksgiving Chickens were released a week before the start of the holiday, on Nov. 17, 2016, and were removed in early January 2017. They were chickens with the Wind of the Frost Lord particle around them, titled in bold orange, 'Thanksgiving Chicken'.


A Thanksgiving Chicken in-game.

Thanksgiving Chickens randomly spawned in games and were very rare to find, for good reason. Once the chicken was killed, it had the possibility to reward the following: a small pack of Treasure Shards and Gems, Ancient/Mythical/Illuminated/Omega Treasure Chests, or the premium Eternal Rank.

They are very similar to Flaming Pumpkins and Egg Baskets

The more players in a server, the more frequently Thanksgiving Chickens would spawn, in order for it to be fair. As a result, it had been suggested to go to large servers for an optimal chance to get Pumpkins. Bridges and Castle Siege were determined to be the optimal game modes.

Special NotesEdit

  • In Block Hunt, Thanksgiving Chickens would not drop Treasure Shards or Gems.
  • A seasonal achievement titled '2016 Chicken Chaser' was able to be earned by slaying 200 Thanksgiving Chickens.
  • Thanksgiving Chickens were unable to take knockback from any force.


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