The GIF used on the homepage for the announcement of Titles. Also shows a few different Titles you can obtain.

, also called sub-ranks on the home-page, are a certain type of achievements. They are obtained by doing a certain activity which gives you points. Those points are then added towards a respective title track, which you can then display above your head.

Titles can be earned in many ways, such as playing certain games, using certain Gadgets, or even subscribing to the Power Play Club.


To access the Title menu, click the Written Book in your inventory. There you can see all the Title Tracks, how many points you have collected in a track, and you can click each track to go to a different page of the book where you can see more details about each track.

NOTE: Table in progress. Please add title tracks in the order they appear in game inside the book.

NOTE 2: % = Obfuscated character

Track Name Track Description Points Given Tier Names
Gem Collector This track is unlocked by earning gems in games!
  • +1 Point per Gem Earned in Game
  • x2 Points with the Emerald Set
  • Gem Beggar - 1000 Gem Points Needed
  • Respectable Gem Miner - 25000 Gem Points Needed
  • Middle Class - 50000 Gem Points Needed
  • Gems, Gems, Gems - 75000 Gem Points Needed
  •  % Gem McScrooge % - 100000 Gem points Needed
Holiday Cheer This track is unlocked by participating in Holiday Events
  • +100 Points per Special Holiday Event Chest
  • +25 Points per Win in Holiday Games
  • +10 Points per Love Potion
  • +5 Points per Holiday Game Played
  • +1 Point per Holiday Gadget
  • x2 Points with the Frost Lord, Freedom or Cupid Sets
  • School's Out - 1000 Holiday Points Needed
  • Every Day's a Holiday - 2000 Holiday Points Needed
  • I Party With Pumplings - 3000 Holiday Points Needed
  • Celebration Addict - 5000 Holiday Points Needed
  •  % Has Santa's Number % - 10000 Holiday points Needed
Leveler This track is unlocked by earning Mineplex Levels Unlocked by earning certain levels
  • Mineplex Sophomore - Reach level 20
  • Tree Climber - Reach level 40
  • Chiss' Cat - Reach level 60
  • Honorary Guardian - Reach level 80
  •  % Friend of Douglas % - Reach level 100
Mineplex Mastery This track is unlocked by winning different games on Mineplex Obtained by winning different games.
  • Mineplex Initiate - Win at least 1 game in 10 different Mineplex Games
  • Mineplex Veteran - Win at least 1 game in 20 different Mineplex Games
  •  % Mineplex Master % - Win at least 1 game in 30 different Mineplex Games
Power Play This track is unlocked by subscribing to the Power Play Club Subscribe to the Power Play Club
  •  % Power Play Club % - Subscribe to the Power Play Club
Warrior This track is unlocked by earning kills in PvP games
  • +1 Point per Kill
  • 2x Points with Blood Set
  • Warrior in Training - Gain 500 Warrior Points
  • Savage - Gain 1000 Warrior Points
  • Berserker - Gain 2000 Warrior Points
  • Duelist - Gain 5000 Warrior Points
  •  % Champion % - Gain 10000 Warrior Points

If you have any Title unlocked in a track, a red minus sign will appear next to it in the Table of Contents. If you click on the minus sign, it will change into a green plus sign. This indicates that you have equipped the said title track.

Titles appear above your head, just below your username and rank.

Some title track also have boosters. Most of the time, it is a certain cosmetic set. If you equip the cosmetic set that is named in the title track info, it will count double points towards the track. For example, to get double points towards the Gem Collector Title Track, you need to equip the full Emerald Set (Particle EffectDouble Jump EffectDeath Animation and Arrow Trail). As soon as you equip this set, you will start earning the double points.


  • Stacker was removed in the same update as Titles were added.
    • This was because the code for Stacker conflicted with the code for Titles.

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