Tracking Compass
The icon for a Tracking Compass
Code None
Function Teleports user to the nearest player and shows them where they are
Used in Minigames

The Tracking Compass is a Game Command in Mineplex that is exclusive to when a player is playing a game. Players receive the compass after death or while respawning in a minigame, or in some minigames, when the game starts, or in SG in a chest.

When held, the Tracking Compass will display the name of the closest player, along with how far they are in block distance and block height. The text will be in the color of the closest player's team.

Micro Battle2

The Tracking Compass, with its menu.

Micro Battle1

The Tracking Compass when held.

As a spectator, left-clicking the compass teleports the player to the closest alive player. Right-clicking brings up a menu that displays different colored pieces of wool, which represents the team color, and hovering over a piece of wool gives you the team name, along with the number of player alive on that team. To the right, players on that team are listed horizontally via player heads; hovering over a head displays their username. Clicking on one of the heads, or typing /spec <player>, teleports the player to their location.

The tracking compass is not to be confused with the game menu command, which is only usable in the hub and is also represented by a compass.

The Tracking Compass is usually given to the player after death for spectating purposes, but there are some exceptions. Bridges and SkyWars, for instance, have the Tracking Compass given to the player throughout the entire game, though the player cannot spectate with it, and can only see which player is closest to them who aren't on their team.

Also, Mine-Strike gives the members of the Bombers (formerly Al'Jaha) team each a Tracking Compass to view which player has the bomb.

This applies to UHC as the player after 10 minutes preparation, the player will receive a compass which will track the nearest player other than their teamate.

In Survival Games, the Tracking Compass can be found in chests randomly and can be used to locate players during the day. This is the only game where the Compass is different; a player right-clicking on the compass will be able to see who the nearest person is, and how far they are. The compass will point in their direction. It can be used five times before breaking.

In Sneaky Assassins, non-spectator players do not receive a compass, unless they are a master assassin. This was likely implemented to keep from breaking the game's tactical uniqueness.

In Wither Assault, all players on the withers team are given a compass, which tracks the nearest human. Players cannot use it to spectate unless they are a spectator.

In Death Tag, all players are given a compass which tracks the location of the newest member of the opposite team. Like in Wither Assault, players cannot spectate with it unless they are spectators.