Treasure Party Bomb
The icon for a Treasure Party Bomb.
Also known as Treasure Party, Treasure Bomb
Code None
Function Unknown
Used in Main Lobby

The Treasure Party Bomb is a special Gadget that can be used in Game Wait Rooms and the lobby. It has the potential of giving Treasure Shards to other players. Treasure Party Bombs have a 30 second cooldown between uses.

Obtaining Edit

Treasure Party Bombs can be obtained by: purchasing them in the Gadgets section in the Cosmetics menu for 2000 Treasure Shards, as rare loot in Treasure Chests, or as a very rare find in Game Loot. They provide up to 500 Treasure Shards if used privately, and they are not worth their money for a private party with your friends, but everyone will love you!

Usage Edit

Throwing a Treasure Party Bomb on Mineplex

Throwing a Treasure Party Bomb on Mineplex

Once obtained, the player can right-click the Treasure Party Bomb to throw it anywhere in the lobby, resulting in a block of prismarine being launched on the floor with cyan and white firework particles coming out of it like a fountain.

Note: The block of prismarine can't be picked up.

Treasure Shards are then spewed out of the block in random directions, with each shard picked up worth 4 Treasure Shards. Also, a message in the chat will display in cyan and white: [Username] has thrown a Treasure Party Bomb! After a few moments, the prismarine block disappears, ending the event.