Prismarine Shard

A Treasure Shard.

Coin Party Bomb

A Coin.

Treasure Shards, formerly known as Coins, are a currency on Mineplex that were added in the EULA update. In Minecraft, they are the prismarine shard item. Treasure Shards are only cosmetic; they do not have any functional effect in games. The cosmetic items that Shards can buy can be used in the hub and in Waiting Lobbies. The name was changed on December 13, 2015.

Treasure Shards are used for buying Gadgets, Treasure Chests, Gem Boosters, Morphs, and other Cosmetics.

Ways to obtain ShardsEdit

The ways to get Treasure Shards are to:

Available Ways Edit

  • Collect them from a Treasure Party Bomb.
  • Get them from Game Loot (rare).
  • Find them in Treasure Chests from Duplicates.
  • Playing Games and Earning Gems. You earn 1 shard per gem, increased by 50% for Ultra, 100% for Hero, 150% for Legend , 200% for Titan and above (excluding the Gem Hunter or the time of being online bonuses).
  • Various Morphs
    • Finding an Easter Egg hidden by someone using the Easter Bunny Morph - 450 shards.
    • Finding a Present hidden by someone using the Santa Morph - different amounts.
    • Finding a player disguised into a pot of gold using the Gold Pot Morph - 250 shards (small chance)
  • Win them in a spin (Carl Ticket).
  • Collect the daily reward.
  • Valentines Gifts (rare) 130-150 Shards.
  • Finding them in Gem Hunters Ender Chests, small chance.

Unavailable ways Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Coins used to be available to purchase on before they became Shards. This was probably removed since the EULA clearly stated not to make people purchase virtual currency using real money.