This minigame is limited to being played exclusively on Mineplex Event Servers.
Reason: Being a special gamemode, this was only available around Valentine's day.
Successor: Not replaced
Date: February 25th, 2016

Valentine's Vendetta
The official drawing for Valentine's Vendetta.
Minigame Type Holiday
Status Removed
Teams Solo minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Official Release Date 11th February, 2016
Date of Removal 25th February, 2016
Number of Players 16
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Leather
Portal Representation Cow
Server Tag VV-#
Main article: Games

Valentine's Vendetta is an event-exclusive Holiday minigame released on February 11th, 2016. 16 players can join a server, but it only takes 8 to start the game. Unlike other special games, Valentine's Vendetta does not require a resource pack.

In this game, Calvin the Cow is preparing dinner for his girlfriend, Moolanie the Mooshroom. Unfortunately, his items are stolen by pigs and if he does not return the items to Moolanie, their relationship will be over. To return the items, you must chase and attack pigs and then give them to Calvin. The pigs are faster than the players, so to help the player catch them, they receive a fishing rod named Cupids Pig Catcher.


  • Moolanie Calvin! Did you forget Valentines Day again?!
    2016-02-13 22.39.32

    The map in Valentine's Vendetta.

  • Calvin Of course not!!!
  • Calvin I promise this year will be amazing!
  • Moolanie It better be, or we're finished...
  • Calvin Good thing I prepared this year!
  • [Pigs steal Calvin's presents]
  • Calvin WHAT?!
  • Calvin NO!!
  • Calvin I'M BEING ROBBED!
  • Calvin Punch the Pigs to get my items back!

[Note - Calvin and Moolanie do not actually speak, as they are cows. Instead, text appears which shows what they actually say.]


[Note - Rounds will continue until 2 players are left in the game, however in an average game, it will probably continue until round 4 or 5.]

Round 1Edit

  • Items - Cupids Pig Catcher + Random
  • Number of Items - Determinant

Round 2Edit

  • Items - Cupids Pig Catcher + Random
  • Number of Items - Determinant 

Round 3Edit

  • Items - Cupids Pig Catcher + Random
  • Number of Items - Determinant

Round 4Edit

  • Items - Cupids Pig Catcher + Random
  • Number of Items - Determinant 

Round 5Edit

  • Items - Cupids Pig Catcher + Random
  • Number of Items - Determinant

Final Round - Capture the PigEdit

[Note - In this round, one pig remains and one of the 2 players must place a saddle on it, sit on it, then ride it over to Calvin.]

  • Items - Cupids Pig Catcher + Saddle
  • Number of Items - 1


Name Description Special Abilities Cost
Master of Love Ain't no mountain high enough!
  • Regeneration
  • Free

Event RewardEdit

If you complete this game in first place, then you will receive 3 Valentines Gifts. However, numerous players have complained that they have won the game but not received this reward.

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