The wait menu lists all of the Block of Emerald (grid) available servers of a particular minigame, as well as the number of players present in each server. Clicking on a server in the menu provides a manual way for players to choose one, as opposed to walking through a portal for a specific minigame and having the system automatically select it. The wait menu also provides a way for players to spectate on Block of Gold (grid) ongoing games.

Summary Edit

Open server Edit

Block of Emerald (grid) Available servers are placed laterally, with the number of players in each server represented by the number of blocks in each stack. The number does not go beyond 64 players, even if a larger number of players are present. The player count in a server determines the order that the servers are listed, from right to left. A server that has reached its maximum capacity will automatically disappear from the list. Hovering over each server displays the server number, the name of the minigame, the name of the map, and the number of players in the server over the maximum.

Players that press the Block of Diamond (grid) "Click to join instantly" button above the server list will immediately be teleported to a vacant server with the most amount of players, similar to entering the minigame through its respective portal.

Minigames that have both Head (grid) solo and team modes will have an additional menu before the server list appears, to allow players to select their mode.

Ongoing server Edit

Players that click on the Block of Gold (grid) "Click to Spectate" button located below the server list will be taken to another list that displays all minigames currently in progress. Block of Gold (grid) Ongoing minigames are also arranged from right to left depending on the players in each server. Hovering over each server displays the same, albeit slightly modified, text as would hovering over an open server.

Block of Gold (grid) Ongoing servers also need to be vacant in order to be joined; the only exception to this rule is if the player owns a rank. Upon clicking on one, players will be teleported to the minigame in progress and will act as if they are permanently dead; as in, players enter Creative Mode without access to block-modifying or Vanilla-related command capabilities. They also receive a Compass (grid) Tracking Compass as well as a Clock (grid) Return to Hub Command.

Players may choose to return to the standard open server list by clicking on the Bed (grid) "Back" button.