Warning points are a system on Mineplex that punishes players on the Forums if they break a rule. If this happens, they will receive a certain amount of warning points based on the rule they broke; 8 are required for someone to be banned from the Forums. Warning points will expire after 30 days of them being issued.

Below is a list of how many warning points you will get for each offense.

Offense Warning Points
Sharing downloadable content 0
Making threads which are inappropriate for a gaming forum 0
Excessive quote towering 0
Post boosting 1
Necro-posting 1
Excessively bumping 1
Mini-Modding 1
Spreading uncalled-for negativity 1
Being rude to others 2
Reversing staff actions 2
Spamming the page with multiple posts 2
Troll posts / threads 2
Inappropriate posts / threads 2
Spam or troll applications 2
Non-constructive feedback 2
Inappropriate links 3
Non-Mineplex related or offensive videos/channels 3
Being disrespectful to others 4
Light Advertisement 4
Plagiarism 4
Unapproved Transactions 4
Spreading hate on staff / community 4
Slandering on staff / community 4
Violation of the giveaway rules (found here) 4
Discrimination (against sex, gender, religion, etc.) 6

Offences which are an automatic ban* Edit

*8 warning points

Offense Warning Points
Advertising other servers/websites/discords/teamspeaks/etc.

*Not applicable to wall posts

Scamming 8
Malicious Threats 8
Bullying / Harassment (multiple instances needed) 8
Posting screamers 8
Posting pornographic content 8
Spam Bot 8
Forging evidence in reports 8
Creating 4+ appeals within 30 days

*Not applicable to wall posts

Slandering on staff / community (in excess) 8
Spreading negative rumors (in excess) 8