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Winning a game with your friends all good and dandy, but then being able to also show off awesome effects is even more fun!
Win Effects
The icon for the Win Effects submenu.
Code None
Function Cosmetic
Used in Games

Win Effects are cosmetic and are in a section of the Cosmetic Menu. It is represented by a Cake.


Win Effects, when activated, will add a special animation if you won after the game ended. Win Effects can be found in Treasure Chests or at Carl the Creeper, and are acquired with specific ranks.

All Win Effects are Rare or Legendary finds, based on the rarity ratings for Treasure Chests.

List of Win Effects Edit

Win Effect Official description Special ability Requirements
Ultra Win Effect Always check behind you. A creeper falls from the sky onto the player, exploding and killing the player along with blowing the pedestal up. Ultra
Hero Win Effect To become a true Hero, you must first defeat the dragon. Dragon circles the player until centre blocks explode killing the player.

View here:

Legend Win Effect Can you weather this withering assault? A Wither circles the pedestal, shooting wither skulls at the player until the pedestal explodes, killing the player. Legend
Titan Win Effect Legend has it, the Titans were so powerful they towered over even the Gods. A Giant zombie falls from the sky, crushing the pedestal and killing the player. Titan
Eternal Win Effect GWEN is always watching A Guardian circles the pedestal, shooting its laser at the player. After a while, the pedestal explodes, killing the player. Eternal
Podium You are the wiener! I mean WINNER! Phew, glad that didn't make it into the release. The player punches into the air while standing on a podium. Given to all Members.
Mr. Punchman Some say he's still punching on that oversized punching bag in the sky. The player kills all opponents standing around him. Found in Treasure Chests.
Flames Is this NBA Jam 1993? Because you're ON FIRE! The player is running on a Nether-themed platform leaving a flame particle trail behind him. Found in Winter Treasure Chests and Omega Chests
Snow Trail What killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE! Talk about the cold shoulder. Haha, puns. The player is running on a snowy platform leaving a snow particle trail behind him. Found in Winter Treasure Chests and Omega Chests
Baby Chicken Bawk Bawk strikes again! Summon his minions and run around as an itty bitty chicken. The player is bawking as Chicken Morph and shooting eggs everywhere. Found in Treasure Chests
Lightning Strike They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but they must lose a lot. The player gets hit by a Lightning Strike, getting equipped with full diamond armor and a diamond sword. Found in Treasure Chests
Rise of the Elder Guardian

Say hello to my little friend...

the Elder Guardian.

The player is holding a diamond sword, before getting shot with the guardians' laser and morphing into an Elder Guardian. Found in Treasure Chests
Lava Trap

"Do you expect me to talk?"

"No Mr.Bond, I expect you to die!"

The player is activating a mechanism which forces the opponents to fall into lava. Found in Treasure Chests
Return of the Pumpkin The Pumpkin King will rise again... The winner is standing on a Halloween-themed podium, with all the other players under him in a graveyard. After a few seconds, the winner turns into the Pumpkin King, and the other players turn into ghosts Found in Haunted Chests and Omega Chests
Winter Warfare Santa isn't only packing coal for the bad girls and boys this year! The winner appears in Santa's sleight, as the sleight flies through the sky, dropping Primed TNT on a village filled with the losing players below. Found in Gingerbread Chests
Love is a Battlefield Don't hate the players. Hate the game. The winner appears on a pedestal while spinning, with losing players underneath on a floating island, with purple candles behind everything. After a while, a shockwave pushes all the other players off the island. Found in Love Chests
Tornado Capable of reaching an EF-5 on the Fujita scale. This will really show your fellow players how strong you are - Received with Power Play Club SubscriptionSeptember 2017

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